All Party Support for Renewed RHI budget from 2016

At the end February, SEWF MD Julian Morgan-Jones attended an early hustings for parliamentary candidates for the Lewes constituency  organised by the CLA and the NFU. A key reason for attending was to promote the case for wood heating and more generally to establish the level of support for climate change policies focused on the recduction of CO2. While climate change does not have top billing in any parties election campaign, something South East Wood Fuels would like to see changed given the seriousness of the issue,  when pressed, all parties present seem to be keen support climate change initiatives and all the candidates said they would lobby for a renewal of the Renewable Heat Incentive budget post 2016.  

This represents the start of a campaign by Wood Heat Association members, like SEWF to increase awareness of the benefits of wood heating among parliamentary election candidates.  

Lewes Hustings RHI support 2