130kW Eco Angus Super Log Biomass install sees Somerset Vineyard profit from a Renewable Heat Solution

Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, Somerset

The client

Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, Aldwick, Redhill, Bristol.

Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard is located at the foot of the beautiful Mendip Hills. With its stunning views of the surrounding countryside, the farm is and extremely popular venue for weddings, wine tasting tours and other special occasions. Heating across the entire site was provided by expensive and inefficient oil/LPG boilers.

Key objectives
Non-Domestic RHI Payment

A project of this size would gain approximately £403,900 in Government funded payments over the 20 year period.

Pay Back Period

1-2 years.

Project Summary

Working with our partners at Eco Angus Limited, the team fully designed, installed and commissioned an environmentally friendly, high powered solution capable of providing heating and hot water across the entire site, replacing the existing oil system. A purpose built barn was constructed to house the Eco Angus Orlan Super 130kW Log Gasification Boiler, 10,000 litre Akvarterm accumulator tank and the 6 metre high, 300mm NOVA stainless steel flue.

On site, underground piping was laid to connect the new Biomass Boiler in the barn, with the  Farmhouse, Visitor Centre, Offices and Event Rooms. The boiler’s 130kW heat output and large loading capacity means it is capable of burning logs up to 100cm in length, with a moisture content of 15-20%. The solution works at 91% efficiency and can burn for up to 12 hours continuously. This high efficiency means that, during the summer months, a single weekly load will ensure enough hot water is provided to all the building on site.

The small amount of ash residue produced ensure that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and the solutions user-friendly construction means that performance can be monitored and altered, when required, via the control panel or remotely. The site’s existing oil heating system, was configured and integrated by our team of highly trained installers to work as an efficient and interchangeably back up system at the touch of a button. A solution that is not only an eco-friendly and sustainable source of heat but also an incredibly financially rewarding investment.

The Renewable Heat Incentive and Fuel Saving

Aldwick Court’s system is compliant within the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and will receive payments over a 20 year period.

Our installation will see Aldwick Court receive RHI payments of 8.8p per kWh of heat generated by the system, a total of approximately £403,900 in Government Payments.

The Eco Angus Orlan Super 130kW Log Gasification Boiler solution will also deliver substantial net fuel cost savings of £258,636 across the 20 year scheme. In comparison with fossil fuels, the Eco Angus solution will save between £4,000 in the first year, rising to £26,000 in the final year of the RHI scheme on fuel alone.

Add this to the savings made on fuel and the project will gain approximately £662,500 in additional income over 20 years. The RHI payments and the fuel cost savings will see the initial outlay paid off in just over 1 year, before turning a profit for the remaining 19 years of the scheme.

CO2 Emissions

The Renewable Heat Solution installed at Aldwick Court Farm will reduce the site’s Carbon Footprint by an incredible 36 tonnes of CO2 per year, a 90% reduction.


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