WHA Webinar: Introduction to Sustainable Fuel Register

WHA Webinar: Introduction to Sustainable Fuel Register

Until now the only way to comply with sustainability requirements of the RHI for non-wood fuels was to self-report. The Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR) is the first industry-led, self-sustaining approved supplier list that provides producers, traders and users of non-wood fuels such as Miscanthus grass and straw with an easy way to meet the sustainability criteria.  Once a fuel is registered and approved end users will simply have to submit the fuels authorisation number as part of their Periodic Data submissions. The Renewable Energy Association and Wood Heat Association will be hosting a one-hour webinar on Friday 18 November so participants can gain a better understanding of how SFR works.

SFR is a partnership between FEC Energy (FEC) and Crops for Energy (C4E). The Webinar will be led by Jon Swain of FEC and Kevin Lindegaard of C4E and will include:

 Throughout the webinar, there will be a chance to log questions about the service and these will be answered by the SFR team throughout the session. 


Friday 18 November 2016.


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Only £25 (£35 for non-members)


12:00 – 13:00 Webinar

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