Forest View Holidays, Llanllawddog


This property and associated holiday cottages (Forest View Holidays) have started a green transformation through the installation of a 60 kW log biomass boiler linked to 4000 lit buffer cylinders and mixing circuits that manage the distribution of heat. With a well-managed regime in place to prepare, store and ensure the logs dry with low moisture content before being brought into the plant room this is an exemplary log biomass installation. The further storage space for logs within the plant room itself and the radiant heat from the boiler the wood benefits from further drying resulting in low moisture content less than 10%. Having already removed the bark and splitting the logs the calorific value of this dry timber is very good resulting in efficient combustion and heat generation.

Each burn generates something in the region of £30-£40 in RHI payment under the commercial scheme. With the commercial RHI operating over 20 years it is very easy to appreciate the significant financial advantage of ‘earning while you burn’.


The installation will significantly reduce the carbon emissions from the property. The owner has stated:

“We are delighted with the installation and it is very satisfying to know we are generating our own heat for the buildings. We are extremely proud to be doing our bit for the environment by significantly reducing our carbon emissions having moved away from oil”

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