Wood Heat Association Responds to Committee on Climate Change Net Zero Report

Today’s recommendations build on the CCC’s report from last year Biomass in a Low Carbon Economy, which highlighted the contribution that biomass can make towards decarbonising our energy system.  A vibrant biomass heat sector brings additional landscape, economic and climate benefits and supports the UK’s forest and land carbon stores by encouraging sustainable woodland management and increased levels of tree planting. In addition, the sector increases the supply of other forms of sustainably grown biomass from UK sources.

Neil Harrison Chair of the Wood Heat Association commented:

“The CCC today once again highlights to Government that decarbonising heat in the UK remains one of the biggest challenges we face, with around one third of our carbon emissions coming from heat alone.

“We cannot continue to kick the climate can down the road, and the lack of adequate policies has held back UK efforts to decarbonise this critical part of its energy system for too long.

“There are no silver bullets for decarbonising heat, which has always been the least visible of the UK’s emission reduction efforts, and we need a range of proven technologies and approaches if we are to ensure a low carbon, low cost and sustainable way of heating our homes, businesses and public spaces.

We welcome the CCC’s recommendation for stronger ambitions and setting a target for Net Zero by 2050.  This will only be achieved if we act today and make the most of established renewable heat technologies.  Biomass heat has a key role to play in delivering immediate carbon savings if the UK is going to realistically meet these tighter targets.”

The views of the Wood Heat Association are supported by the UK Pellet Council (UKPC), whose Chair Mark Lebus commented:

“The UKPC wholly supports the views of the WHA and with one collaborative industry voice we reiterate that biomass is a proven and credible solution to meeting these targets for decarbonisation of heat.”


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