Call for Nominations for WHA Board and Notice of AGM

The WHA Bye-Laws require Board elections to take place every thee years. As it has been three years since the REA’s Biomass Heat Group and the Wood Heat Association merged into one and the first Board of Directors was elected for the WHA, the call for nominations can now be issued.

The WHA Board of Directors will be elected from the membership of the WHA and REA biomass heat members. The board positions are as follows:

The Board will be registered as company directors of the Wood Heat Association on Companies House. The WHA Bye-Laws can be found here.

The role description of the WHA Board of Directors include:

To nominate yourself please please download and complete the WHA Board Application form and email it to Frank Aaskov by the end of business (18:00) on Monday 12 March 2018. We will then invite members to vote (by internet) from the 3 April to 16 April 2018.

Notification of Annual General Meeting

The WHA’s AGM will separately take place on the 13th March 2018 from 15.50 – 17.30 as part of the WHA Annual Conference 2018 at the Burford Bridge Hotel, Dorking.